Jamie Oliver’s Frozen Fish Range

Jamie Oliver has launched his very own frozen fish range with Findus in New Zealand from late November 2012. The Jamie Oliver by Findus range, featuring 100% Alaska Pollock and breadcrumbs, champions high quality, sustainable alternatives to species like cod and haddock.

Jamie Oliver has launched his very own frozen fish range with Findus in New Zealand from late November 2012. The Jamie Oliver by Findus range, featuring 100% Alaska Pollock and breadcrumbs, champions high quality, sustainable alternatives to species like cod and haddock.

Jamie Oliver says, “I am proud to be working with Findus, not only because they’ve been making frozen seafood products for decades but more importantly, because I share their commitment to sustainable fishing. We want to encourage people to try different types of fish and together we’ve sourced some tasty varieties without damaging the environment or fish stocks for the future. The fish are frozen at their freshest, locking in all that fantastic flavor, which means my range is not only good for the sea but it’s also good for you.”

The Jamie Oliver by Findus range (RRP $4.99) is designed to be suitable for everyday cooking. With Jamie playing a huge part in recipe development, the range offers top-quality ingredients and comes in 3 tasty flavours including:

Jamie Oliver Fish Fillet Fingers Box10 brilliant fish fillet fingers made with 100% Alaska Pollock fillet, wrapped in my naturally golden crumb

Jamie Oliver Crispy Pollock & Sweetcorn Fishcakes Box

4 crispy Pollock fishcakes with oozy Cheddar cheese & juicy sweetcorn

Jamie Oliver Crispy Pollock Fishcakes Box4 crispy mini fish cakes with crunchy parsley breadcrumbs

Fish is an area where people feel nervous, according to Jamie; “They are either over cooking it or under cooking it, and don’t even mention the word bones! Frozen fish is quick and easy to cook, it’s unbelievably tasty and its great value for money as it rarely gets wasted. My frozen fish range includes fishcakes and fish fingers which are packed with nutrition as the freezing process seals in all the goodness like vitamins and Omega 3,” Jamie continues.

The Jamie Oliver by Findus range will be available in Countdown stores in late November, offering simple, delicious food at affordable prices.

Jamie Oliver’s top tip for sprucing up your fish meals
“Why not turn your buttie into a proper sanga, by spreading 1 tbsp of good quality tartare sauce over two slices of wholegrain bread and placing 3 freshly cooked fish fingers on top of one slice. Sprinkle half a grated beetroot over the top of the fish fingers, a squeeze of lemon juice and a small handful of snipped salad cress, finished off with a pinch of freshly ground black pepper and topped with the other slice of bread.”

About Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver is a phenomenon in the world of food. He is one of the world’s best-loved television personalities and one of Britain’s most famous exports. Jamie has had huge success with his television programs, which have now been broadcast in over 100 countries including the USA, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Japan and Iceland. Having been translated into over 30 languages, the accompanying cookbooks are bestsellers not only in the UK but across the world. His 2010 book, Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals, became Jamie’s first million-selling book in the UK as well as being the fastest-selling non-fiction book since records began.

My Review
Well I am lucky to be one of the first to try this product in New Zealand, it was last week when I grab hold of the different flavours on Jamie Oliver’s Frozen Fish Range and was delivered to me in neatly packed small styroboxes at the office. I got it around 3:00 PM and I cant wait to go home to try it out, so after 2 hours of waiting and 20 minutes of travel time I can then now give this a shot.

Instructions are indicated at the back of the box and I did everything step by step, once it was done I let it cool a bit then comes my first bite.  First was the fish fingers, it was crunchy and did not smell or taste fishy unlike other fish fingers brands that I had tried before, you can also see that the fish is a full slice not mashed and shaped to size.  It tasted clean and well seasoned, I guess this is the best fish finger brand out there now.  Next was the two types of fish cakes, I never had tried any fish cakes before as I thought they were the same as fish fingers, just different in shape so my first bite was a surprise.  I did not anticipated that the middle will be soft unlike the fish fingers, the really crunchy breading is a perfect match to the soft filling, again it tasted clean and tasted lighter than the fish finger might be because it was mixed with other ingredients like corn and for the other flavour parsley, otherwise it was seasoned well and again there was not hint of fishy taste and smell.   That was the first thing that my wife and daughter also noticed, it tasted clean and smell nice which makes you feel you are eating something really fresh compared to the other fish finger brands.  I suggest you take it on its own with some sweet chilli sauce or tartare, putting it in a bread is another great option just add some salad greens and dressing of your choice then it will be a complete meal on its own.

Its a good quality product and having said that it is also very affordable, for the price of $4.99 I guess its a no brainer, I hope they offer new flavours as these 3 was all terrific! So what are you waiting for New Zealand go to your nearest Countdown now and check if they started selling this.


9 Responses

  1. Surprised – many chefs talk about home cooking, how easy and simple it is to do things at home. And now he is promoting packaged stuff. I guess he was paid well:)

  2. I’m with Mr Three Cookies on this one, though I have to say they look pretty nice. Tastewise, I will probably never know for myself as we prefer our fish fresh and are so blessed here in Australia! PS Love the fish finger photo!

  3. Eha says:

    Having just bought Jamie’s ’15 minute meals’ for an early Christmas treat [like some of the recipes now on 4 a night on Oz TV], I am kind’of smiling! Let’s face it, he has become one of the richest men in Britain and works hard for it 🙂 ! Will I buy the crumbed fish he promotes: as a nutritionist, not likely – but it is a free world 😀 !

  4. peasepudding says:

    I love Jamie, interesting to see what his products are like, I never really like shop bought fish fingers but i am sure his will be quite special. Nice review.

  5. Michelle says:

    Interesting. Fish has become so fraught that (though I love it) I hardly ever cook it. Good for him.

  6. How lovely. You’re a very lucky guy, I can’t wait to see when/if they release the product here in Australia too. Loving your photos, those micro greens really pop against the golden brown crumbs too, delish 🙂

  7. foodjaunts says:

    Thanks for the review. I love Jamie Oliver’s philosophy toward cooking + the focus on sustainability. He doesn’t have anything like it now in the US but maybe it’ll come soon,

  8. Lori says:

    My family adore the “Brilliant Fish Fingers” and all of the fishcake range (they are fusspots). I try to make meals from scratch but as a time starved busy life juggle, it is not always possible to do so. I feel that Jamie’s products are better made with quality ingredients (less additives etc.), which makes me feel less like I am letting the home cooking side down. I hope he will be involved in other products in the near future, as I for one will be more than happy to pay a little more for something tasty and as close as possible to nutritious. Only one small note, the fish fingers tend to stick to the oven tray a little but are still tasty :_))

  9. Sarah says:

    Jamie seems to be about many things – only one of which is cooking from scratch at home. He is also about sustainable food. These fish cakes are made of sustainably farmed fish (from the back of the box). I like how he also gives ways that you can ‘pimp your ride’ as he says in the show, with serving suggestions. These suggestions always seem healthy and well rounded. I tried the pollock cakes tonight based on my faith in Jamie’s brand. They were fresh and clean as described. Even though I mostly cook from scratch, these will become a staple for when you are too busy/tired/etc. P.s I also tried the pasta sauce range (not mentioned in this article) which were fresh and flavorful. Not bland like most sauces in jars.

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