Pork Roast, Lychee and Mandarin Salad

Yesterday we had tons of meat so the most appropriate post for today would be something light and healthy which means salad is our best option for now. What I will be sharing today is my own creation, a unique salad with a hint of Asian taste. It is fruity and filling so a plate of this would be enough, what’s good with this is we can use the leftover meat from our roast pork but it works well with roast duck as well.

Pork Roast, Lychee and Mandarin Salad
Prep time
Total time
  • Mixed Salad Greens
  • Cucumber, sliced
  • Lychees, pitted
  • Mandarin
  • Pork Roast, sliced
  • juice from 1 lemon
  • 1 tsp fish sauce
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • 1 tsp brown sugar
  1. Mix all dressing ingredients then set aside
  2. Place salad ingredients in a salad bowl, pour dressing ingredients then lightly toss.
Amounts of each ingredient can be suited to your preference




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  1. You sure can take kickas photos 😀 !
    What is the camera and lens setup that you use for this?

  2. Wow, this is an incredible meal Raymund.
    🙂 Mandy

  3. I love lychees and in a salad it is great having something a little sweet and savory. Beautiful.

  4. Tessa says:

    Nice light salad! I made a small pork tenderloin for dinner last night and this would be a perfect way to use the rest of the pork. Your dressing ingredients sound delicious!

  5. I like this a lot — salad is great for using leftover meats and the Asian flavors in the dressing would be perfect. 🙂

  6. I would love this salad. Lychees are delicious and I have yet to use them in a salad…so I am so glad for this inspiration Raymund!

  7. Interesting mix of ingredients. Eat lots of meat one day, meat salad the next day:)

  8. Eha says:

    Love your fruit addition to the pork salad: really want to taste this to see the combo of fish sauce and lychees . . .

  9. A salad is a great idea! Plenty of flavor from the meat so you don’t actually need that much, plus great flavor components like lychee and mandarins. Good stuff – thanks.

  10. What a delicious salad ! I love the combination of pork and fruit, Ray.

  11. pretty salad! Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. This sweet pork would pair so nicely with the mandarin orange.. I’ve never thought of doing this, this is a great recipe idea!

  13. What a pretty and delicious salad!

  14. Ooooh Lychies! I just saw some at the grocer’s the other day. This would be lovely with chicken too! Fab dish Raymund!

  15. foodjaunts says:

    This looks so pretty with all the colors and it sounds like a great dressing mix. The lychee use sounds fab.

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