Cincau Drink and Michael Jackson

When I was living in Malaysia this was my replacement for a Philippine drink called Sago Gulaman, it taste the same but with better properties which I will be mentioning below, so I am sure every Filipino would love this simple and refreshing drink that I’m sure can replace your ice cold cola anytime.

Cincau is a drink made out of grass jelly, a jelly made out of the stalks and leaves of Mesona chinensis which is a member of the mint family.  Since it is from the same species as mint this jelly gives it that cooling property that’s why it is commonly used in dessert and drinks in counties like Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia as it can help a lot hot and humid climate.

For this post we will be making two types of drink which are nearly similar and using the same main ingredient, the grass jelly.  The drink are the Cincau (the black drink) and Michael Jackson (the black and white drink).

For the reason behind the naming, I guess everyone can decipher why it was given a name Michael Jackson but for the cincau I guess it came from the Chinese word sian-chháu which means grass jelly.  If you are wondering where will you get this one, well since this is popular in Southeast Asia then I guess you can easily find it in Asian Shop where you can get this as canned or in powder version.  Now what are you waiting for go to your nearest Asian Shop and make one of this refreshing drink and don’t worry it doesn’t taste anywhere near a freshly mowed lawn grass.

Cincau Drink and Michael Jackson
Cincau Drink
  • 3 cups brown sugar
  • 3 cups water
  • 2 tbsp vanilla extract
  • 1 can grass jelly, cubed
  • ice
Michael Jackson
Cincau Drink
  1. In a pot, add the first 2 tbsp of sugar and caramelize it (do not burn), then add water, vanilla and the remaining sugar, let it boil then simmer for at least 5 minutes.  Make sure that the sugar is totally dissolved.
  2. Using a cheese cloth or any clean cloth, strain the syrup, this separates the sand-like grains from the sugar, leaving you with clear brown syrup.
  3. Pour the syrup in glass (according to the sweetness you like) then some cold water. Add the grass jelly and lots of ice.
Michael Jackson
  1. In a pot add sugar and water.  Let it boil then simmer for at least 5 minutes.  Make sure that the sugar is totally dissolved.
  2. Pour the soya milk in a glass, Add the grass jelly, sugar syrup (according to the sweetness you like) and ice



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  1. kiwidutch says:

    Giggle.. I totally *assumed* you were going to say that this was a favourite drink of Michael Jackson’s and then the penny dropped and I “got it” LOL.
    – grass jelly… wow, I learn SO many new ingredients from your posts. You are impressive my friend 🙂

  2. I haven’t had the main ingredient, so my curiousity is definitely peaked. I love the way they look.

  3. Tessa says:

    Lovely photo! I’ve never used grass jelly before. I’m now on the hunt for that ingredient…

  4. foodjaunts says:

    Oh looks very interesting. Thanks for posting a different but similar version to the sago gulaman. I can get grass jelly but couldn’t find authentic sago pearls.

  5. Food Stories says:

    Found your site on RecipesUS and thought I’d stop by and check it out. I have subscribed to your feed and can’t wait to see what the next post will be!

  6. Jasline says:

    Beautiful photo! I love to drink Michael Jackson, it’s delicious!

  7. I’ve never had anything with grass jelly in it but I’m definitely intrigued- obviously it would be a refreshing summer drink to cool you off!

  8. Kristy says:

    I’ve never heard of grass jelly, but a cool, refreshing drink is always welcome. And I have to tell you, we made your sticky garlic chicken tonight. It was a HUGE hit! Mr. N asked if we could make it every night. 🙂

  9. Tantalising headline ! I looove chincau – it’s such a wonderful cooling drink to have here in Singapore.

  10. peasepudding says:

    Sounds a very interesting drink and a great pic too

  11. Looks like a tasty drink. Sweet, creamy and yummy 🙂

  12. Guia Obsum says:

    Both look refreshingly good. Whenever I’m in your blog, I really really wish I had magic powers so I can taste right away whatever you’ve concocted. Sometimes I wanna cry coz the pics all look great yet I can’t eat them. 🙁 They just make me hungry all the time, in this case, really really thirsty!!

  13. Yudith says:

    I LOVE LOVE cincau, I haven’t heard that word used in almost 15+ yrs! Gasp. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful drink. Look at all of these delicious posts that I have been missing 🙂

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