Monthly Archive: January 2011

Mung Bean Soup (Guisadong Monggo) 6

Mung Bean Soup (Guisadong Monggo)

The most common use for Mung Beans specially in Chinese cuisine are on sweet dishes such as steamed buns with mung beans, hopia (similar to mooncake), sesame balls, they even have sweet mung bean in coconut milk dessert, I guess its only the Filipinos who use this on savoury dishes...

Meat Lovers Pizza 11

Meat Lovers Pizza

Another pizza post but now it’s for the boys (and everyone who loves meat)!  Meat Lovers Pizza, mostly meat and no veggies, what’s even better is that we will make it hot and spicy so it goes well with ice-cold beer. For this recipe I will be using flavourful meats...

Misua 6


Misua comes from the Chinese word “mee sua” which is a very thin salted noodles made from wheat flour.  Misua noodles cook really fast, it will only take around 2 minutes or less.  Misua is not just popular in China and Philippines but also in Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam,...