Blue, probably the best blueberry ice cream

Omaha Berry Blend Ice Cream

Apologies for those who follows my daily blog posts as I haven’t posted anything for the past 2 days, It was labour weekend here in New Zealand (yes, we have a different date for Labour day, same goes with Father’s day) and we went out for a short weekend trip to Whangarei, Northland and Bay of Islands.  Which means I have my time out in the kitchen, so instead of posting an article about a dish I had cooked this will be a different one as this will be a review.  This will the first time I will post a review and I think it is worth it as the one I will be reviewing is the famous blueberry ice cream in Matakana Village Famers’ Market.

Going on the way home from Whangarei there are a lot of small towns that is worth a visit but the one that should not be missed is Matakana.  It is a good place to drop by and it’s just roughly 7 kilometres off the main road so it’s good to have a nosy especially if you haven’t been there.  Matakana have that posh village atmosphere that is different from the upscale city neighbourhoods, everything you need to do is in one location which is the Matakana Village Famers’ Market people are friendly and it has that rural country charm.  The best time to visit that place is on Sundays where they have this farmers market open and they offer a lot of local items such as food, cheese, wine, vegetables, crafts and others.  One of the popular ones is the blueberry ice cream as pictured above.

I remember the first time I went to Matakana which was around 4 years ago, these blueberry ice creams were just sold in a small stall at the Farmers Market and people queue up just to grab one but now they have grown and have their own shop which is called Blue now they offer all sorts of flavour but they still have the original blueberry ice cream blend which made them popular.  People still queue for it especially at farmers market days, holidays and weekends.

My daughter having a look at different ice cream flavours Blue has to offer

The first time I have been there my uncle told me to try out the blue berry ice cream as it taste so good and definitely a must try, which I did and the only word that I can define it is heavenly, it was really good I almost forgot my name.    The ice cream taste like it was freshly made and the blue berries I guess was fresh as well (not really sure if the ingredients are freshly made and harvested, but they blend it while you order).  What they do is they blend the ice cream while you wait, using a special mixer they add fresh organic blueberries and vanilla ice cream which combines it together, the result is a creamy, fruity and not too sweet ice cream with chunks of berries every on every lick you make.  It is also well priced knowing its organic and having that good quantity of fresh berries per serving.

OMAHA Berry Blend Prices

There are 3 sizes to choose from Toddlers, Small and Regular.  And don’t be mistaken by the word toddlers as it is ample enough for an adult who what to be on diet (it is much bigger than a normal ice cream scoop) and the regular size can be a replacement for lunch!  I always order that size and I feel full afterwards.

So if you visit New Zealand at anytime and you are in Auckland you must visit Matakana (55 minutes away from city) for the farmers market and don’t forget to try this ice cream, trust me this will be the best blue berry ice cream that you will ever have.  So if you have tried it and visited Matakana why not return the favour by voting for your favourite stall as well as voting Matakana as your favourite farmers market at

My daughter enjoying every lick of it


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  1. nannymcp22 says:

    my those look yum!! anyway, did you know that you can make your own ice cream even if you dont have one of those fancy and expensive ice cream maker?? i have been making my own ice cream for a while now–my favorite is the banana raspberry ice cream!! i had lots of those during the summer. 🙂

  2. nannymcp22 says:

    i have one on my other blog. i will dig it up and post here. its very easy!!

  3. peachkins says:

    OMG! You just made me want the ice cream in the first photo!

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